Secret Shot FMG kit and Kronos triple speed loader clip

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About a week ago I got a Nerf Rebelle secret shot and instantly fell in love with the folding stock deployment action. The way the blaster folds into a little bag is similar to the Magpul FMG/FPG which is an actual firearm. I wanted to change the look of the Secret Shot to look less like a purse and more like the FMG and so for the past few days I've been working on a little kit to change out the handle and deployment switch to make it look a bit more tactical. 

The current design of the kit features rear "Iron Sights" in a channel in the handle and the deployment switch for the blaster now doubles as the front sight. It still looks a bit feminine in it's current state, but hopefully with a coat of paint that'll change. 

Secret Shot FMG FPG Magpul body kit conversion



One of my customers requested that I make a version of the speed loader blaster clip that holds 3 speed loaders instead of 2, so here it is.Now if you want to be an real extreme Kronos main operator you can carry up to 6 speed loaders on your blaster. 

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