Gen2 Kronos Spring Spacer & Hasbro Nerf manufacturing inconsistencies

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Gen2 Kronos Spring Spacer update

Hasbro has started manufacturing the Kronos Blasters with a different spring. The new springs are shorter and have thicker gauge coils. These new springs don't compress as much as the previous springs that they used. The original gen1 spring spacers are too thick to work with the new springs. 

The Gen2 Kronos Spring Spacer is a two piece design so that it is compatible with both versions of the Kronos spring. If you have the old style Kronos spring, you would use both included spacers to get the correct compression. If you have the newer spring, you will only use the thicker spacer and leave the thin spacer out.

The spring spacers have been chrono tested with both spring styles and have been proven to boost velocity of both by roughly 12%. 


Hasbro Nerf Kronos performance inconsistencies

I have been purchasing and modifying tons of Kronos Blasters recently as I have started selling pre-modified versions. Since I install spring spacers into those blasters, I have been measuring the velocities of the stock blasters and comparing them to the modified ones. What I have found is that lately, many Kronoses have been shooting slower than the advertised average. A Stock Kronos should be shooting at an average velocity of 90 FPS but some of the ones that I have been getting recently are shooting 10 FPS (sometimes more) slower than they should.  


As I mentioned before, Hasbro has recently changed the Kronos Spring to one that is shorter but has thicker gauge coils. What I have noticed is that the under-performing Kronos blasters all feature the old version of the spring. The blasters with the new thicker spring are shooting consistently at the 90 FPS advertised average. Perhaps this is why they changed the springs that they were using.

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