Avoid NFSTRIKE V1.0 Darts

Posted by Tetsu Y on

Avoid using NFSTRIKE V1.0. darts in high crush flywheel blasters. 

NFSTRIKE V1.0 darts look similar to Nerf Elite darts and have a soft dart head but the base of these dart heads are incredibly stiff. The stiff base of these dart heads are nearly impossible to compress from the sides causing major issues for high crush flywheel blasters. These NFSTRIKE V1.0 darts cause frequent jamming and if the darts do fire, dart velocity is dramatically reduced. When these darts jam, there is a massive risk of stalling and burning out your motors.

These NFSTRIKE V1.0 darts are fine when used with Springer Blasters and they are an extremely cheap alternative to Elite darts. Just be careful which blasters you use them with.



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