FTEC1 Gen1 Blaster Digital Files (DISCONTINUED)

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This listing is for a Digital Download. No physical parts or blaster will be shipped to you. No Refunds, Returns, or Cancellations on this product. All sales are final.  Do not distribute files. 

THIS BLASTER IS NOW DISCONTINUED. The new version is available here.


 This is the Digital STL File set for the FTEC1 Blaster. You will need an FTEC1 Hardware kit (not included) to assemble this blaster. Hardware kit is available here.

The FTEC1 is a pump action spring powered blaster designed to deliver big performance in a small package. This Slam-fire capable blaster is just under 17" inches long and can be configured to hit anywhere from 150 to over 230 FPS. The mag through grip design is compatible with 15rd Talon Magazines and 18rd Curved Talon Magazines. This blaster has been designed to be Rock solid with zero creaky parts.  It also features a collapsing stock that can be rapidly deployed to extend the blaster to a total length of 22.5" inches. This is the ultimate CQB spring blaster. 


3D Printer Required Build Area: 200mm Build Height, 150 x 150mm Build plate

File Format: .zip

Included Files:

  • Mag Release, Muzzle, Pusher Bolt, Stock Lever, Trigger, Grip Plate Diamonds, Grip Plate Squares, Vertical Grip Diamonds, Vertical Grip Squares, Blaster Shell Front, Blaster Shell Rear, Stock Block, Stock, Breech Block, Mag Detent Retainer, Mag Detent, Mag Well Block, Plunger Catch Plate, Plunger Catch Sled Cover, Plunger Catch Sled Main, Plunger Head, Plunger Rod, Pump Sled Bushing, Stock Catch, Trigger Ramp A, Trigger Ramp B, Picatinny Pump Sled, Side Picatinny Rail, Top Picatinny Rail Front, Top Picatinny Rail Middle, Top Picatinny Rail Rear, Angled Grip Diamonds, Angled Grip Squares, Blank Name Plate, Mock Suppressor XL, Mock Suppressor Shorty, Mock Suppressor Micro, Birdcage Flash Hider, Mock Suppressor SUPER XL  (STL)
  • Printing Instructions (PDF)
  • Update Log (PDF)


Firing Demo:



Assembly Video:


Review Videos:

FTEC1 Gameplay



FTEC1 File Set Update Log
V1 (12/9/20)
● Initial Release
V1.1 (12/13/20)
● Updated “Grip Plate Squares.stl” (model was missing critical cutouts)
V1.2 (12/19/20)
● Updated printing instructions PDF. Added parts orientation warning.
● Updated “Vertical Grip Diamonds.stl” (Fixed pattern spacing)
V1.3 (12/23/20)
 Added “Pusher Bolt v2.5 (Default/-0.25mm)” variant
 Added “Trigger Ramp A/B (1mm slack)” variant
 Updated printing instructions PDF. Added print orientation pictures. Added trouble shooting instructions.
V1.4 (12/23/20)
 Updated printing instructions PDF. Added print orientation pictures for all parts.
 Added “Angled Grip Diamonds.stl”
 Added “Angled Grip Squares.stl”
 Added “Blank Name Plate.stl 
V1.5 (12/24/20)
Updated “Angled Grip Diamonds.stl” tolerance.
Updated “Angled Grip Squares.stl” tolerance.
 V1.6 (12/24/20)
Added “Mock Suppressor XL.stl”
Added “Mock Suppressor Shorty.stl”
Added “Mock Suppressor Micro.stl”
Updated printing instructions PDF. Added instructions for mock suppressors.V1.7 (12/27/20)
Updated “Angled Grip Squares.stl” (model had floating offset surfaces)
Updated “Angled Grip Diamonds.stl” (Model had floating offset surfaces)
V1.8 (12/29/20)
Added “Trigger v2 Blade.stl” and “Trigger v2 Yoke.stl” (Stronger 2-piece trigger design. 10mm screw in front and 12mm screw in rear.)
Added “Birdcage Flash Hider.stl” and “Mock Suppressor SUPER XL.stl” (Muzzle device variants)
 Updated printing instructions PDF. Added print orientations for Trigger v2 parts.
V1.9 (3/28/21)
 Updated “Vertical Grip Diamonds.stl” (Model had floating offset surfaces)
Added “Breech Block PT Test rig.stl” (Test rigs to determine correct Breech Block PT
Added “Breech Block 32mm, 32.2mm, 32.4mm.stl” (Various diameter pt couplings for
improved air seal)
Updated Breech Block PT retaining screw spacing and changed to use 12mm screws.
Improved PT to Breech Block air seal


An email with the download link for the files will be sent to you after payment is confirmed.
You will need to manually orient the parts in your Slicer software before printing.


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