FTEC1 Gen2 Blaster Hardware Kit + Digital Files

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This is the official hardware kit for the FTEC1 Gen2 Blaster and SCAR. This kit is for those who want to assemble their own blaster and print their own parts. Digital STL files for the Blaster and SCAR are included and will be sent via email when you order.

The FTEC1 Gen2 requires you to print a couple pieces out of TPU. If you are not able to print with TPU, the printed TPU parts can be purchased HERE.

Introducing the FTEC1 Gen2 - the latest and greatest addition to the FTEC1 family. This compact blaster is packed with features and upgrades that are sure to impress.

Improved Durablility: 

  • The all new airbrake system on the plunger in addition to the silicone buffer pad makes this blaster completely dryfire safe. 
  • The new catch plate is made of hardened stainless steel and rides on hardened stainless shafts for a reliable catch system that is built to last. 
  • The catch block now has bearings that prevent it from rubbing witht he inside of the shell.
  • TPU buffer prevents priming mechanism from overstroking and hitting the front of the shell.
  • TPU spring pad prevents wear on spring spacer stack and catch block faces.
  • Higher quality screws are used and all screws required for regular blaster maintenance use heat set brass inserts.

Easier Maintenance:

  • Greatly reduced the number of screws required to disassemble blaster for maintenance.
  • Features an interlocking pin system for most of the internals instead of screws.

Improved Ergonomics:

  • The auto-deploying butt stock is thinner and features multiple indexing points for adjustable length. 
  • Features vastly improved grip ergonomics and an ambidextrous thumb mag release.
  • Added quick disconnect sling points.

 Greater Compatibility:

  • Adjustable FPS using an integrated spring spacer system.
  • Compatible with a wider range of springs.
  • Compatible with Talon, Curved Talon, Tachi, and Kodachi magazines.
  • Compatible with 5/8" and 16mm barrels.

Available in 3 different Spring options.
8.5kg Spring (Roughly 150+ FPS) 
13kg Spring (Roughly 200+ FPS)
16kg Spring (Roughly 230+ FPS)

Spring weight recommendations:
8.5kg Spring: Priming weight and performance is basically the same as a DartZone Nexus Pro blaster.
13kg spring: The Ideal spring weight for most people. Has a light prime and most people except children will be able to prime this spring without any issue.
16kg spring: Recommended only for those who are familiar with higher power spring blasters. The prime is not too hard if you have the correct form while priming the blaster i.e. your priming arm elbow is tucked inline with the blaster.  


Tools Required for Assembly: Phillips Screw Driver, Tweezers, Silicone Lubricant, Fishing Line, Hammer or Arbor Press, Soldering Iron, and Adjustable Wrench.

Digital Files: Version 1.4 (11/09/2023)


Assembly video:



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Tristan Snyder
Fun build! Unique and powerful blaster. Love my FTEC

I’ve wanted one of these for a few years and I have no regrets on my purchase of the update so far. Blaster is fun, requires tuning and tweaking as all blasters do.