Universal Adjustable Picatinny Rail Sight Riser for Nerf Blasters

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This Is a picatinny rail riser with adjustable elevation allowing you to use real steel gun sights on your Nerf blasters. There are many picatinny dot sight optics available for real guns however very few are compatible with Nerf Blasters as the elevation adjustments for the sights cannot be adjusted to the degree required to compensate for a Nerf Dart's comparatively severe bullet drop. This sight riser features an adjustable angle top rail that lets you zero in your sights.

The universal picatinny rail riser comes with the required hardware to be installed onto all four common rail systems used in Nerf blasters. It can fit Nstrike rails, Rival rails, Hyper rails and Picatinny rails giving you ultimate flexibility to attach onto any Nerf blaster. The top rail of the sight riser is a picatinny rail so you will only be able to attach picatinny compatible optics. 

There is a hex screw on the back end of the top picatinny rail that adjusts the angle of elevation for the riser. To zero in your sight, turn the screw to the right to aim higher, and turn the screw to the left to aim lower.



Picatinny rail: The sight riser comes with the Picatinny rail clamp pre-installed. Using a 2.5mm hex/allen key, loosen the clamp portion of the sight riser. Place the sight riser onto the picatinny rail and tighten the rail clamp piece. 

Nstrike/Rival/Hyper rail: To install the sight riser onto an Nstrike/Rival/Hyper rail, you will first have to remove the Picatinny rail clamp that is installed onto the sight riser and replace it with the Nstrike/Rival/Hyper rail clamp piece. With the blaster facing away from you, place the rail clamp spacer under the right side of the Nstrike/Rival/Hyper rail. Hook the right side of the sight riser over the spacer you just placed, and lower the left side of the sight riser over the Nstrike/Rival/Hyper rail. Then tighten the Nstrike/Rival/Hyper rail clamp piece using a 2.5mm hex/allen key. The installation process is shown in the 5 pictures with the Red Mega Blaster. 


What you get:
1x Adjustable Picatinny Rail Sight Riser
1x Picatinny rail clamp piece
1x Nstrike/Rival/Hyper rail clamp piece
2x Nstrike/Rival/Hyper rail clamp spacer (1 is extra)


Print Material: PLA
Print Resolution: 0.2mm

*The hex screw may be Silver or Black.
*This is a 3D printed and hand assembled part so minor blemishes may be present.
*Red Dot Sight, and Blasters not included. 
*Leaving PLA parts in high heat environments will lead it to warp.
*This product is designed to be used with Nerf and other toy blasters. Not for real firearms.

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