Rival Takedown Pump Grip Ergo-Pro / Picatinny

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This is a replacement pump grip for the Nerf Rival TakeDown blaster. This pump grip is easy to install can be converted to have the Ergo-Pro grip or Picatinny rail bottom. 

The Ergo-Pro grip gives you a secure hold with it's unique hand stop. The grip features an extra protrusion for your index finger to rest on, allowing you to pull heavy spring loads with a comfortable grip.

This grip can also be converted to have a picatinny rail bottom if you would like to attach alternative grips or rail accessories. 

Remove the original pump grip by unscrewing the four screws that hold the two sides together. Make sure to keep the two smaller original black screws that were on either side of the grip (They will be reinstalled later). 
Screw the Ergo-Pro Handstop or Picatinny rail section to the left pump grip sled panel using four 3/8" screws (shorter silver screws). Place the two sides of the pump grip onto the blaster and screw them together using three 1/2" screws (longer silver screws). Reinstall the original two black screws onto either side of the replacement pump grip.

What you get:
1 x  TakeDown Pump Grip Sled
1 x Ergo-Pro Hand Stop
1 x Picatinny Rail
1 x Hardware Kit

Print Material: PLA
Print Resolution: 0.2mm
Print Time: 17 hours


*Leaving PLA parts in a high heat environment may cause it to warp.
*Blaster not included

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