Nerf/Rival/Hyper Picatinny Rail Split Ring Charm Hanger Attachment

  • $4.99

Attach a lucky charm to your Nerf blaster to get the competitive edge over your competition. This attachment adds a split ring onto your Nerf blaster allowing you to attach various charms or keychains or whatever you want. It is available in two versions. One version is made to fit onto Nerf N-Strike rails, Rival rails, and Hyper rails The other one is made to attach onto picatinny rails.  Does this actually give you any advantage? No, it doesn't, but it looks pretty neat.


Using a 2.5mm hex/allen wrench unscrew the hex screw to widen the gap. Place the charm hanger attachment onto the rail and screw the hex screw back in to clamp it down onto the rail.

This is a 3D printed part so minor blemishes may be present.

What you get
1 x  Split Ring Charm Hanger Attachment (Nerf N-Strike/Rival/Hyper OR picatinny)

Print Material: PLA
Print Resolution: 0.2mm


*Hex screw may come in silver or black.
*Leaving PLA parts in a high heat environment may cause it to warp.
*Blasters , banana and ghost keychains, sights etc... not included.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Charlotte J
Awesome attachment 10/10 would purchase ag...

Awesome attachment 10/10 would purchase again! I also love that it's adjustable!

Pamela S
This is the perfect little sling attachmen...

This is the perfect little sling attachment for something like a takedown, which is exactly where I'm running it. Another great job by FT.
This is definitely a go to shop for rival related gear.

SUPER RECOMMEND!! Not only did I put a cha...

Not only did I put a charm on it, I was also able to find a keyring for it that lets me thread my pressure switch cable through it, so every time I re rack, this mount keeps my cable in place so I can have the pressure switch on the pump, instead of the barrel. I'll be getting other airsoft guns at some point I'm sure, and I will definitely be a returning customer 🤘🏼

Overall fairly happy but it's standard 3D...

Overall fairly happy but it's standard 3D printed material. I inadvertently cracked 2 of these because there were no torque guidelines provided. I'm also using this on an AR-15 rail and not a NERF gun. FYI keep it under 10 inch/pounds. 20 and 15 cracked the mount. 3rd mount I was very careful and it's now full on Call of Duty mode. ;)

Overall excellent, I wish the screw thread...

Overall excellent, I wish the screw threads didn't catch on the moving piece. After some.... guiding the screw in and out of it, it was then loose enough to function normally.

That aside, the print quality was *fantastic*. Well done.