Modified Kronos with Enhanced Door Delete Mod and Spring Spacer

  • $34.99

This is a modified Kronos Blaster with an Enhanced Door Delete and Spring Spacer installed. It also comes with everything a normal kronos would include. (ammo, team flags, and instruction) in the box. The Door Delete Mod makes it faster to reload your Kronos and the Spring Spacer increases the velocity of the Kronos by roughly 12%. This is great for those who don't want to spend the time or are unfamiliar with modding blasters. The blaster is available in White, Red, or Blue.

What you get:
1x Modified Kronos (door delete and spring spacer)
5x Rival ammo
1x original instruction manual


*Leaving PLA parts in high heat environments may lead to warping.
*Speed Loader not included.
*Performance may vary due to inconsistencies in blaster production by Hasbro. Some blasters are shooting at lower than average velocity in their stock form.

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