MEGA BigShock Picatinny Rail

  • $7.99

This is a Picatinny rail mod for the Nerf MEGA Big Shock. This picatinny rail mod fits into the extra dart storage spot on top of the BigShock blaster. With this picatinny rail installed, you will be able to attach various different attachments onto your BigShock.


To install the picatinny rail mod, you will have to remove all of the screws on the side of the blaster to separate the two halves of the blaster. The picatinny rail mod can then be fit into place in the dart storage area of the blaster. Then fit the other half of the blaster back on and screw everything back together.


This is a 3D printed part so minor blemishes may be present.

What you get:
1x BigShock Picatinny Rail mod


Print Material: PLA
Print Resolution: 0.2mm


*Leaving PLA parts in high heat will lead it to warp.
*BigShock Blaster and BigShock Magnum conversion front end not included.

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