Max Stryker Picatinny Pump Sled

  • $11.99

This is a Picatinny Pump Sled mod for the Dart Zone Max Stryker blaster. This picatinny pump sled replaces the stock pump sled on the Max Stryker. The stock picatinny pump sled on the Max Stryker is thin and flimsy and also does not feature true picatinny rail dimensions. The Foam Technician Picatinny pump sled has a longer length of true picatinny rail and is built much sturdier. This allows greater compatibility with various picatinny grips such as angled and vertical grips.

What You Get:
1x Picatinny Pump Sled

Print Material: PLA
Print Resolution: 0.2mm
Print Time: 5 hours

*Leaving PLA parts in a high heat environment may cause it to warp.
*Blaster and sights not included.

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