Kronos Spring Spacer Gen2

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This is a 3D printed Spring spacer for the Kronos Blaster. Squeeze a bit more power out of your stock spring with this spring spacer. The spring spacer provides higher spring compression. You can expect an increase in velocity of around 12% with this simple modification.

This is the Gen2 model of the Kronos Spring Spacer. This version comes with two spacers, one thick and one thin spacer. The Kronos blaster is manufactured with two spring variants. The early production models have a long and thin spring, while the current models being produced have a short and thick spring. This Gen2 Spring Spacer is a two piece design to fit on both spring variants.

Long & thin spring: Place both spacers onto the plunger head. Make sure the thicker spacer is on the bottom and thinner spacer on top. Short & thick spring: Place only the thick spring spacer onto the plunger head. Do not use the thin spacer. 

Featured on Coop772's youtube Channel

This is a 3D printed part so minor blemishes may be present.

What you get
1 x Kronos Thick Spring Spacer
1x Kronos Thin spring Spacer

Print Material: PLA
Print Resolution: 0.2mm

*Leaving PLA parts in high heat will lead it to warp.
*Plunger Head and Springs not included.

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