Kronos/Rival/Hyper Dot Sight Priming Assist Gen2

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This is the Kronos Dot Sight Priming Assist Gen2, the successor to the original Kronos Priming Assist Faux Dot Sight. This Gen2 model has been completely redesigned for maximum strength and tacticool looks. It attaches onto the Rival/Hyper rails of the Kronos and functions as a big priming handle for your modified Kronos. This dot sight has been tested and approved to work with heavy spring loads like the K26. This Sight even allows you to dual wield K26 Kronos hand cannons by providing a large, flat front face for you to push against. It also features a circular reticle on the inside so you can use it as a sight as well.

Attaches onto any Rival/Hyper tactical rail so you can put it on other Rival/Hyper Blasters too.

This is a 3D printed part so minor blemishes may be present.

What you get
1 x Kronos Dot Sight Priming Assist Gen2

Print Material: PLA
Print Resolution: 0.2mm

*Leaving PLA parts in high heat will lead it to warp.

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