Compact Internal Battery Stock

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This is a 3D printed Internal Battery Stock for Flywheel Nerf Blasters. This stock features a large compartment in the rear where you can fit a battery and additional electronics. Having the batteries of your blaster in the stock means that you no longer have to use the unsightly expanded battery doors. It also helps with weight distribution making your blaster more comfortable to handle. The stock maintains a slim profile even with it's large battery compartment. You can fit a lipo battery and a voltage alarm inside quite easily. The Stock is about 10.5 inches (266mm)long from end to end. The stock connection point clicks into place without the use of tools and features a sling point. The tube that leads to the battery compartment is wide enough for an XT60 connector to slide through.

You will have to do a bit of shell cutting to make a battery lead that sticks out from the center of the Stock Attachment point on the blaster.

This is a 3D printed and hand assembled part so minor blemishes may be present.

What you get
1 x Internal Battery Stock 

Print Material: PLA
Print Resolution: 0.2mm

*Batteries, voltage alarm, blaster, etc... in pictures are not included.
*Leaving PLA parts in high heat will lead it to warp.

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