Basic High Profile Sights Rival/Hyper or Picatinny

  • $7.99

These are basic high profile fixed sights for use on blasters. The front and rear sight are each printed as a single part for maximum durability. These sights slide on and clamp securely onto Nerf Rival/Hyper or picatinny rails depending on which version you choose. 

Using a 2.5mm hex/allen wrench unscrew the hex screw to widen the gap. Slide the sight onto the rail and screw the hex screw back in to clamp it down onto the rail.

This is a 3D printed part so minor blemishes may be present.

What you get:
1 x  Basic High Profile Front Sight (Nerf Rival/Hyper OR picatinny)
1 x  Basic High Profile Rear Sight (Nerf Rival/Hyper OR picatinny)
1 x 2.5mm hex/allen wrench

Print Material: PLA
Print Resolution: 0.2mm
Print Time: 4 hours


*Hex screw may come in silver or black.
*Leaving PLA parts in a high heat environment may cause it to warp.
*Blasters not included.

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