2-3S Stryfe UV Glow Kit

  • $11.99

This is our latest version of the UV glow kit for the Nerf Stryfe. This kit comes with the FTEC 2-3S UV LED module and a glow in the dark mounting piece for the stryfe. With this kit, you can add glow and tracer functionality to your Stryfe build. The onboard voltage regulator of the 2-3S UV board makes it versatile to use with common 2-3S stryfe builds.


How to install:
  1. Solder your positive and negative leads onto the PCB, then super glue the PCB into the slot in the glow in the dark mount.
  2. Then hot glue the glow in the dark mount into the jam door of your Stryfe blaster.
  3. Finally solder the leads in parallel with your blaster motors.


What you get:
1x FTEC 2-3S UV LED Module
1x Stryfe Glow mount


Demo video:

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Rupert B
Good item...easy 2 install and works reall...

Good item...easy 2 install and works really well.