Gelfire Raid Hybrid Picatinny Pump Grip (Digital Files)

  • $4.99

*This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, not a physical Print. If you want the physical printed version, It is available here"

This is a digital file set so you can print your own Hybrid Picatinny Pump Grip for the Nerf Gelfire Raid blaster. The hybrid picatinny pump grip features both picatinny rail and an ergonomic horizontal grip option all in one system.

This upgraded pump grip adds a picatinny rail section to the bottom and also includes a picatinny finger stop along with ribbed rail covers to create an adjustable ergonomic horizontal grip system on the picatinny rail. The finger stop can be adjusted along the rail to accommodate different hand sizes and the rest of the open rail space can be covered with the snap on ribbed rail covers to provide a more comfortable and grippy surface for your hand. The picatinny rail can also be used to mount a vertical grip or any other rail accessory instead.  

This file set include printing instructions .PDF and the 3d model .STL files.