Fully Assembled Custom FTEC1 Blasters are available now!

Posted by Tetsu Y on

Fully assembled custom FTEC1 blasters are now available! If you don't have a 3D printer or just want to have an FTEC1 blaster built to the highest standard, then we've got you covered. Each FTEC1 blaster takes over 110 hours to print and is carefully assembled and tuned to ensure peak performance.   

The FTEC1 is a pump action spring powered blaster designed to deliver big performance in a small package. This Slam-fire capable blaster is just under 17" inches long and can be configured to hit anywhere from 150 to over 230 FPS. The mag through grip design is compatible with 15rd Talon Magazines and 18rd Curved Talon Magazines. This blaster has been designed to be Rock solid with zero creaky parts.  It also features a collapsing stock that can be rapidly deployed to extend the blaster to a total length of 22.5" inches. This is the ultimate CQB spring blaster. 

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